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The Beauty of Beliefs
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This is a community that openly embraces all spiritual paths. Please refrain from using the word "religion" in your entries; for this implies that your spiritual beliefs are needed for peace and serenity. Instead, please use "spirituality".

Anyone is welcome to express his/her spiritual beliefs and will NOT be judged for it. We're are here to better understand and appreciate the individuality and the self-discovery one's spirituality can bring.


-There will be NO judging. Please ask questions if you don't comprehend, but do not tell someone that he or she is wrong in his or her beliefs.

-Be open minded. Don't be afraid to question something, and please don't take it offensively if someone does ask.

-Please don't write about spiritualities that don't encourage peace, love, and the betterment of human kind through positive action. That's not that what this communities about.

-Understand that a name for a spirituality is only a word. God, Buddha, and all the others or just names that Man has made to let his conscience mind comprehend the beauty of the Higher Power(s) that only our spiritual minds have the ability to do in full.


Other Stuff

-Everyone has his/her own spritual path. Believe only what resonates in your soul as the truth.

-I hope that you find that path and continue down it all of your days. Through it, may you find the peace, acceptance, love, and serenity that only a rich, full spirituality can offer.

ABOVE ALL: Stripped down of all the fancy stories and different beliefs, all positive spiritualities ring with the same tone of truth:

"Love the Higher Power. Love Yourself. Love Each Other.

"We see darkly until Love lights the Lamp of our Souls."--Tenate of Novus Spiritus

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