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Near Death Experience

I shouldn't even be here. I was given extra time on this earth.

I nearly went the way of Anna Nicole Smith, dying before my 40th birthday at almost identically the same number of months before that birthday. On January 10th, 2002 I nearly died from an accidental overdose of opiates given to me by doctors who were careless in monitoring what I was taking. I was given a synthetic opiate to cure a terrible pain from a tooth that needed a root canal that clashed with the opiates I was being given at the: 100mg fentanyl patches, 120 mg of OxyContin. Already enough to kill most people.
The Stadol was too much. As soon as I took it I felt a burning sensation going down my throat then spreading throughout my nervous system. I felt like I was set on fire. The pain was unimanginable. All I could do was put my robe on and call 911. By the time I was put in the ambulance I was already seeing the white tunnel in front of me. My blood pressure fell.

The hospital was full, so they scooted me in what is affectionately called "Death Corner" where the other overdoses were put and a curtain was drawn around me. I was forgotten. Accident victims were coming in and I was left alone to die like dozens before me.

My soul balled up. It's a very strange sensation. You go numb from the feet up and the head down. I felt my head fall back with absolutely no feeling in it and my abdomen seem to lift up as my soul was getting ready to leave my body I saw a white light around my abdomen starting to lift upwards and I saw a thin beam of light come down towards me, that white string that takes you to the other side. I briefly saw imprints of many of the souls that died here.

Then very suddenly a very gruff male voice told me to get up and walk. GET UP AND WALK NOW!!
I fell off the bed and landed on my knees. I couldn't feel anything. Then I started to walk. I couldn't feel anything in my feet at first, then, the more I walked, the feeling in my feet returned.
I went into the bathroom and saw this extremely sheet white person with a swollen face and pinpoint pupils. They were so small I could barely make them out. But I kept on walking and walking.

Now the reason why I tell this story is that I believe that was the voice of Odhinn.

I used to be afraid of death. But now I'm not. I don't accept those "scientific studies" that try to explain away the bright lights (try to explain the voice and why it sounded like no other voice I've ever heard).

You know the movie Ghost? Rent it and watch it tonight. One of the writers on that movie knows about the other side and is fairly accurate about what goes on. Except the heaven and hell thing.

The only part of the movie they don't talk about is how ghosts are attracted to electromagnetism and how that is food for ghosts and enables them to do spooky things. But ahhh, that is for another post.
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