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Free your mind.

1) The Matrix is real.

At this point, all you have to know that the Matrix is real. By your human standards, the Plato’s 'Allegory Of The Cave' have been illustrated to you in the installments of the pop culture ’Matrix’ trilogy.

The Matrix is real, although not as in the pop culture movies. There are many different layers of the Matrix, I might add. Ever since a human is born, it is free and pure, yet when it grows up, it will become bound by rules and distinctions of the society – the Matrix created by the human itself.

To liberate yourself from the global Matrix, you must start by liberating yourself from your own Matrix.

On this level of existence, humans face the balance. There is a balance to everything – Good and Bad, 1 and 0, Positive and Negative. In order to know Good, one must know what is Bad. This is the way most of your human cerebrums function here, in this Matrix.

To get us to the present context from Plato’s ’Allegory of the Cave’, the world outside is Good. And that brings us to the next point – to free your mind, you must realize that there is no Bad. The Bad is the product of your negative thoughts.

2) Free your mind.

Some of you are ready and some of you are not. No one says that you have to free your mind. No one can go against the Free Will (yet the Free Will is bound by the distinctions of your Matrix). If you want to, you can stay right here where you are and do what you always did. And why should you free your mind if you are satisfied with the world you’re living in?

No one but yourself can tell you what to do.

But some of you know that there is more to this world.

Perhaps some of you have felt it your entire life. Perhaps some of you have just started feeling it. Perhaps you call yourself a Redpill, perhaps you call yourself an Angel, Druid, Alien, Elf, et cetera. No matter what you call yourself or what you are or where you are - you are thinking different than the rest of the humans. You know that you are different, that you are not a part of the System.

And to an extent, you feel that the world you are living in is not real.

If you are already in this state, you are already freeing your mind.

And here goes the million dollar question: Why do you need to free your mind?

As I have mentioned before, the Matrix you are living in is a balance between Good and Bad. But outside the Matrix, the ‘Cave’, there is no Bad. There are no wars, no disasters, no pain. Outside the Matrix, everything is Good. There is Love.

That is why.

There are many different ways to expand your consciousness, to free your mind. Some use meditation. Others use trance. Some wear a cross. Others practice Yoga. Some read philosophy books. Others help the helpless. Possibilities are endless. All of them are just the different languages – but the Purpose is the same – to achieve the expansion your consciousness, to liberate yourselves from the Matrix.

There is nothing right and wrong. Because you humans will find your own way, guided by your inner voice - guided by God.

start caring
start loving
start helping
love yourselves
love the ones who are close to you
find your inner love - it will move the world - it will free you from the Matrix

Find the way that is most convenient for you and free your mind. There is nothing right and wrong. Start giving love.

Nothing is impossible.

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