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I have a lot of friends with SCs and I find that a lot of people seem to have a different experiances. Not just them being with their SCs, but a lot of them have something different to say about what the afterlife is like and what death is like.
A lot of people tend to use this ambiguous experiance thing as proof that we're all nuts because our SCs sometimes contradict each other. A thought came to me about that earlier tonight.
Think about this, imagine talking about life with a soldier in Iraq, a starving child, a normal suburban teenager, Paris Hilton and someone with severe bipolar disorder. They've all had very different experiances which have led them to different conclusions about their lives and by extention life in general. Does that mean one or more of them is lying?
The way I see it is that death (like life) is a journey and your experiances and conclusions will differ greatly. I don't try to discredit anyone's experiances simply because they differ from mine. The spiritual plane is so vast and infinite that I don't think there is simply one path to walk on there. Maybe there's a heaven or hell, maybe there's a final nirvana, who can say.
I know some spirits that come from a place much like heaven, and I knoww some spirits that have never heard of such a place. So does that make either of them a liar? No, just different souls on different paths with different experiances.
Thoughts? Opinions?

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